Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer Fashion Trends.

This weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, and I was busy getting ready to party it up to ring in summer! If only this LA weather will allow. But either way, I plan to kick of this summer by rocking some fashion essentials that are key for this season. There are a lot of things happening in the fashion world this season that I want to share with you all, but I can't help but notice that some of the Spring season trends are still here to stay! Check out some of those trends by clicking on my Spring Fashion Essentials post.

For summer, I'm bringing you guys six essential trends that you can sport and look like the fashionista in your group of friends. Now without further ado, here are the six pieces you need to start your summer and continue looking great all season. Click on the photos to shop all the looks!!

1. Dad Hats: Dad hats have made a surprising comeback in the trend cycle and its perfect to keep your face safe from the beaming summer sun. Dad hats are exactly what they sound like...they're like those hats that your dad used to wear on the weekends when he'd take you to the park or go golfing. I love that awesome brands are embracing this trend and putting their logos on these hats, like this Antisocial Social Club hat, Drake 6 God hat, and a throwback Calvin Klein logo hat.

Antisocial Social Club Weird Cap, $36.00
Calvin Klein Baseball Cap, $39.00
Jordan 12 "The Master" 6 God Dad Hat, $21.99

2. Boudoir Inspired Dresses: Slip dresses aren't just for wearing underneath your regular dresses anymore! These lingerie style dresses are really light and cute for the summer heat. Anything with spaghetti straps and lace detailing is an A in my book.


Forever 21 Contemporary Layered Slip Dress, $24.99
Choise Pink Lace Up Front Cami Dress, $12.90
Her Velvet Vase Wintour Classic Maxi, $60.00

3. Playful Sheer Socks: I know what you're thinking...socks for summer?! But no, trust me, these socks are perfect for summer. The sheerness of the socks make them really airy and they breathe easier in the heat. Add a cute pattern to them and they are great! Pair them with a pointy heel for a super New York street style look.

Greatlookz Rock Your Socks Whimsical Doodle Semi Sheer Socks, $8.99
Target Women's Trouser Sock 3-Pack, $7.00
Chelsea 28 Sheer Brocade Crew Socks, $9.00

4. Corn Rows/Boxer Braids: Before the Kardashians started wearing their hair in boxer braids, the African American culture was embracing this trend for years. This hairstyle has been popping up all over, though, even on red carpets. Whenever I can put my hair up and don't have to blow it out, I'm happy, especially in the summer when hair gets frizzy and damp from sweat! This do is ideal for this season.

5. Flat Wire Rimmed Sunglasses: Thick rimmed sunglasses are so last year! Dainty wire rimmed sunglasses are all the rage now. They're giving me a 70's vibe and actually pair really well with trend #2, boudoir inspired dresses.


Marc Jacobs Metal-Rim Gradient Cat Eye Sunglasses, $200
Forever 21 Cutout Trim Sunglasses, $9.90
Lulu's Sunday Stroll Gold and Taupe Sunglasses, $17.00

6. White Sneakers: White is a very summer color and accenting your outfit with a white sneaker is the ultimate cool girl style. These go great with any outfit. My favorite things to wear with them are dresses. It't a really great way to make a dress wearable during the day. Switch to heels at night for your summer night parties!

H&M Platform Sneakers, $29.99
Comme de Garcons Converse Low Top Sneaker, $120
Forever 21 Embroidered Eyelet Sneakers, $14.90

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