Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Comfort with Wine and Striped Palazzo Pants.

I am all about a look that's both stylish and comfortable. What more could you want from an outfit? I've been quick to jump on the bandwagon of many comfy-chic trends like the fashion pajama look, leggings in the place of pants, and athleisure wear (some of which were not great in hindsight!).

Palazzo pants are one of the comfy trends I jumped on when it came around a couple of years ago, but today, palazzo pants are coming back in a huge way and having a moment with stripe prints. I tend to stay away from stripes because of the age old misconception that they widen you, but if I learned anything from the hundreds of things I've ever tried on is that one rule does not apply to all!

I think the vertical stripes on a billowy pant leg are actually flattering and very summer in Saint Tropez! I got this pair from TJ Maxx (your girl loves a bargain) and wore it on a mini day trip from LA to the wineries in Temecula. It has a paper bag waist so the level of comfort is way high!

The weather that day was beyond perfect; not too hot and not too cold, just right for a day of sipping on some wine al fresco and taking in the scenery of the beautiful vineyards. I, of course, had to stop at my favorite winery in Temecula, Leoness Cellars, where all of their wines are impeccable. I absolutely recommend the Meritage if you like red wine and the Melange de Blanc if you like white.

My pants were perfect look and feel for that day and that coupled with actually being in the vineyard really took me to a European state of mind.

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