Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grand Performances

Downtown Los Angeles has been emerging as new lively social scene in LA and the Grand Performances in the heart of downtown is exemplary of this! I ventured there this summer with my boyfriend to see an exotic, cultural concert of various musicians and musical groups from different parts of the world including Scotland, Japan, Cuba, Peru, and Tunisia. Located on the corner of Grand and 4th between several corporate buildings is a small area with a gorgeous fountain where the stage is set up. The ambiance was great and the music was, well…grand! It’s a really cute date spot and had we planned it a little earlier, we would have been able to bring a picnic with us…including Chardonnay ;) It’s safe to say that Downtown LA is slowly becoming one of my favorite places to explore and with the concert’s proximity to a few swanky bars, I’ll definitely be back here again…

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Haute Cakes!

Attention Hautties…Cupcakes are sooo last year, and Haute Cakes are in! Better known as “cake balls”, Haute Cakes are homemade bite sized desserts perfect for any occasion. I ordered these for my birthday this past April, and they were a huge hit with all my friends. It was the perfect sized treat to take to the bar where I held my party and their portability made them easy (AND DELICIOUS) to eat there. The baker of Haute Cakes, is really sweet and tailored to my desires. I ordered four flavors, and she even gave me a few of her other flavors to take home. Haute Cakes come in a variety of flavors including traditional Classy Chocolate and Whimsical White and some other alluring flavors such as Velvet Vixen, Sassy Strawberry, and Perilous Peanut Butter. My personal favorite was Stunning Cinnamon :) 


You all can go to heaven…I’m going to Los Angeles.