Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Louis Vuitton Series 2.

Louis Vuitton installed a non traditional exhibit displaying their Spring 2015 line in LA and I went to check it out with my best friend, Natalie. It was so fabulous! It's a sequel of the Series 1 exhibit. The exhibit displayed the past, present, and future of Louis Vuitton. The past being some original LV trunks and other relics from the early 1900s. The present was represented by the new Spring collection that is being released. The future was represented by the future of fashion with new runways concepts.

The exhibit began with a description of what it was all about and mesmerized us into it...

Then we walked into the future of the runway. A runway lit up by spotlights and surrounded with mirrors. All the while, a looping video of a waxing and waning moon were displayed along with models reading the Series 2 description.

Exploring the lights of the runway. 

Natalie on the moon!

Then off to a short holographic presentation on the history of the LV trunks.

In the next room, there were three videos playing on how different items are made. One on a pair of boots, one on a clutch, and one on a dress. They were each 45 minutes long so I only stuck around to watch the video on the making of the boots. It was so crazy to see the meticulous detail that is put into the work. It's pure artistry. Watching the video made me actually want to spend my money on those shoes. While I couldn't capture the video, these are some highlights of it.

And here is the final product! These boots are part of the Spring collection. It was in the next white room of the exhibit where various products were displayed on white manikins.

An original Louis Vuitton catalogue from 1927. 

These were stickers that were free to take. Each sticker is an image that is on a fabric print of one of the Spring 2015 dresses.

A room full of Louis Vuitton posters and advertisements!

And our last stop to the backstage room where the backstage of a runway show is simulated. Racks of outfits with models' names and accessories tables. It took everything I had not to want to steal some of the accessories!

How could you not love all these and want to buy them all after seeing them? I wish I went to the exhibit sooner so I could have written this post before it closed, but because of the popularity, I'm sure events like this will be coming around to LA again. Happy shopping!

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