Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall 2016 Obsessions.

It still feels like summer in LA, but it's officially fall and I cannot be more excited for my favorite season! The first day of fall was last Thursday, and I honored it by ordering my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. If that makes me basic, then I'll take it because PSL's are just too good to not have. Along with PSL's, there are some really awesome styles in clothing and accessories that I've recently become obsessed with that I think are perfect to rock during the fall season.

This season, I've compiled 6 cool trends into 1 super chic look that is the perfect day to night look for a crisp fall day. I guess us spoiled with constant warm weather here in LA will have to wait a month or so to start with the layering of sweaters and outerwear, but it's good to be prepared with them in your closet anyway.

Here is my fab fall look, with 6 fall things I'm obsessed with...

1. Marble: All marble everything! I'm loving the look of marble whether it's on my furniture, dish ware, or my phone case. It's a very simple pattern, but there are so many different colors and variations of it that you can rock and still keep it super elegant. I recently love the marble look on phones, nails, and as wall accents.


2. Dark and Glossy: Don't get me wrong, this girl loves her matte lips, but I think the gloss look is a good change of pace for the fall. Especially as the air is getting drier and colder, lips become more dried out and matte lips dry them out even more. Ditch the pinkish matte lips for darker hues and be a gloss boss.

3. Geometric Earrings: I think fall is a time to play with hard and soft looks and textures and geometrically shaped earrings are a good alternative to super girly earrings. Simple gold shapes really compliment any outfit and are different enough from ordinary studs and hoops, but still modern and classy.


4. Dusters: Dusters are called just that because they are long enough to almost graze the floor and "dust it". I really love how their length is a median look from the short, light jackets of summer and the thick peacoats of the winter. I like them in fall hues like olive green and dusty orange, but this grayish rose colored one is to die for.


5. Mid Calf Boots: All of the boots I've ever owned have been either up to or above me knee or at my ankles. I'm obsessing now over these boots that go up to the mid calf! They give me a cool New York street style vibe and I think it looks awesome with a sweater dress paired with a duster.


6. Phone Pouches: Maybe its because I've been carrying around a big ass purse all summer long, but I'm really over them. I like the simplicity and minimalism of smaller purses, like these ones that fit only your essentials: your phone, your cards, and a lipstick. If you're going out for the night, what more do you need? Its so much easier on you (and your back) to carry these small phone pouches than a really big handbag.

What I love most about fall, though, is that its a really good time to experiment with different pieces and looks. The weather permits for you to mix and match short and long pieces and I just love the level of creativity it can bring out in people's styles. I hope you all take this thought and run with it...experiment with your looks! I'd love to see all the outfits you all put together.

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