Monday, March 30, 2015

Exploring the Super Cute World of Hello Kitty.

Hello! Hello Kitty is one of my favorite iconic characters and this year, she is celebrating her 40th anniversary! I remember as a kid always asking my dad to take me to the Sanrio store to buy me Hello Kitty stickers. I was obsessed and I still think she is the cutest. When I heard the Japanese American Museum in Downtown LA was holding an exhibit for Hello Kitty for her 40th anniversary, I knew I had to check it out. If you're a fan of hers or even a fan of Japanese art, this exhibit is really worth seeing.

The entrance to the exhibit with this Hello Kitty block sculpture.

She's ageless?! Girl's gotta tell me her secret...

The exhibit included relics from the 70's and 80's like backpacks, notebooks, and stickers designed with Hello Kitty on them. 

I had a lot of these items as a kid.

Hello Kitty's family, minus her twin, Mimmy. 

These adorable Hello Kitty bride and groom!

How Hello Kitty looked the year I was born.

Her bows lead to the next room of the exhibit. 

There was also a hall of different takes of adapted Hello Kitty art, which was super creative. 

My favorite part was the room of Hello Kitty fashion, where different dresses were on display made of Hello Kitty dolls and fabrics. 

This dress made of Hello Kitty dolls was worn by Lady Gaga. 

I'm about 14 apples tall. 

The sculptures throughout the museum were also very artistic. 

Pharoah Kitty. 

Kitty hieroglyphics.

Japanese Kitty. 

And the man who put up with my Hello Kitty fever. 

The exhibit is going on until May 31, so make your way there before its gone! 

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