Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for the Fellas.

As promised, here is my list of the most awesome holiday gifts for the men in your life. I swear I am like the man gift whisperer...there has not been a gift I have given to my brother, boyfriend, dad, etc. that they haven't loved. Here is my list and I guarantee there is something on here that every guy would like. P.S. if you order some of these from Amazon today, you can get it before the holidays with Amazon Prime! Happy shopping!

1. Beer making kit from Sur La Table.

2. Lego house slippers from Amazon .

3. Owen & Fred "Hey Handsome" Toiletry bag from Nordstrom.

4. Funko Pop Guardians of the Galaxy bobble head collection...there are so many of these characters from different movies and TV shows, you'll definitely find one for every taste. Found at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

5. Atari Flashback 5 from Amazon. Can be found at Toys R Us, Walgreens, Target, etc. 

6. The Sentry 38 Nixon Leather Watch from Nixon.

7. Grand Theft Auto V, of course! Found at Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, Best Buy, etc. 

Buy any one of these and tell me the man you got it for didn't love it...Happy Holidays!

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