Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vegas Nails.

Last week, I was preparing to go to Las Vegas for the weekend and I wanted to spice up my nails to be Vegas-eque. Now, I love the professional work that some nail salons like Buff and Tweeze do, but paying $10 for each accent nail is kind of steep, so I decided to paint them myself. When I'm doing designs on my nails, I look to do things that are 1. easy, 2. fast, and 3. cost effective. And by cost effective, I mean a reasonable price that will last long on my nails. I collected a few ideas from Pinterest and Instagram and came up with this design...

I don't toot my own horn often, but I'm going to here :) Each nail is different, but in the same color palette. These are the tools I used...

Sally Hansen "Blackout", Forever21 "Nude", Sally Hansen Salon Effects in leopard, and nail studs.

The Sally Hansen salon effects are really easy to apply and require no dry time...and before you think its a sticker, know that they are made of nail polish materials and to remove them you have to use nail polish remover.

The studs are tiny plastic pieces I purchased from and are super easy to apply...

  1. Using a toothpick, dip the tip in a clear coat nail polish and place a droplet of it onto the area of your nail in which you want to place the stud.
  2. Using the same end of the toothpick, pick up a single stud from the top. The clear coat acts like glue to pick up the stud.
  3. Place the stud on the desired area where you initially placed a droplet of the clear coat.
  4. Seal the studs with a top coat to secure them. They last about 10 days!

Finally, I just painted a couple nails with a solid color to offset the accent nails. So cute, and I got so many compliments for them from my friends and even a bunch of strangers. This took me literally 20 minutes to do and its so great for various occasions. 

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