Thursday, August 7, 2014

News Flash!

This summer, I recently became so obsessed with Flash Tattoos, which are essentially temporary tattoos...but they're metallic in gold and silver! In fact, I included them in my Summer Fashion blog post earlier this summer. They were available at Forever 21 for a while, but since they sold out I was on a mission to find them again, and after some research, I found them. The website I found them on is called and they have many different "collections" of tattoos available. I ordered the Sofia collection, but they're all so beautiful. You can mix and match the different tattoos...I actually think it looks better when you do. I think my next purchase will be from the Zahra collection. Question is, how many more occasions should I plan in order to show these off?! These are so much fun and what I like most...unique! How can you not love them?

These tattoos are from my Sofia collection.
All the pieces that come in one collection.
These are pieces from the Zahra collection.

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