Thursday, April 24, 2014

Springtime Trends.

So as a follower of trends, fashion is one of my favorite trends to follow. I scope out the fashions for each season and pick the ones are, in my opinion, the most fashion forward, ready to wear, and fun! I enjoy sharing my picks to my followers, as I have done for last summer and fall, and now I'm going to share my Spring 2014 picks.

This time, I'm going to do this a little differently. So I'll give a general statement about a fashion trend that is hot this spring and in then the picture below will show an example of the particular trend and how to include it in your wardrobe/lifestyle. So here goes!

1.  Pastel Blazers

Blazers are classic for a wardrobe, and this spring, adding a pastel colored blazer can add depth and variety into your outfit. This Straight Cut Jacket is available at H&M. 

2. Wedge Sandals

Up your shoe game with a chic heel or wedge sandal. An intricate design makes for an interesting pair of shoes that isn't so basic and one dimensional. Go for something these Leather Sandalettes from H&M.

3. Two Toned Manicure

Sticking to one nail color for your mani is SO 5 years ago. Try mixing it up by including two tones of the same color into your look. I find that its cute to use these two Essie colors: "Hide and Go Chic" and "Butler Please" to create a French Manicure look. I use Hide and Go Chic for the the base and Butler Please for the tips. These colors are available at any beauty or drug store such as Ulta or Target. 

4. Gold Plated Accents

If you know me, you know my favorite color is gold...and purple...but mostly gold. So this trend sparked my interest real quick. Adding a piece with a gold plated accent is really eye catching and chic. I've seen it done on belts, jewelry, and even on clothes. I personally love it on handbags and clutches like this The Duchess Crossbody Bag.

5. Vibrant Makeup

I love everything Marc Jacobs, so when I found out he has a new makeup line at Sephora, I was on it like white on rice! I love vibrant makeup colors for spring and I think it's a great way to include the prominent colors of the season into your look. This Lovemarc Matte Lipstick in Gossip-Matte Hot Fuchsia is a great color to do this.

6. Turban Headbands

I really love the turban look. I feel like it may be overplayed at festivals like Coachella, but in every day life, I think it brings a really nice frame to the face and adds some dimension to your look. I'm not a fan of the ones that cover your entire head, but I like the ones that are like headbands. Much like this Floral Head Wrap from Nordstrom. 

What do you guys think?! 

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